It is that time of the year, again, for people to make their new years resolutions.  I am not a huge believer in resolutions, but i will give it a go again this year.  I am going to default to some of the traditional ones of course:

1. Lose weight (of course, and i actually do need to do this anyways)

2. Eat healthier – which goes along with the losing weight:)

3. Work out regularly – This goes along with the first two!

4. Pay off my credit cards, or at least make progress on this!

5. Get out more, force myself to start dating.

Now these are all pretty traditional resolutions, but maybe that will make it a litte easier to do, or at least i can hope.   i have started to at least prepare/start all of these.  I found a meal planning website that i am starting to use, that will help with the eating healthier, as well as the budget so that i don’t eat out so often, or waste as much food.  I am going to get the dave ramsey book so that i can start making progress on my debts.  So i have an actual plan in place, now just to implement it all! 

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy New Year! Let me know if you made any resolutions for the new year!


Am I even Creative enough to be a writer?




  1. 1.

    relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

    “change unleashes people’s creative energy”



    1. 1.

      a person who is creative, typically in a professional context.

      I would love to think that someday i could become a writer, i mean i know i am amazing at reading:) I just dont know if i have the capability to come up with a world and characters that i could bring to fruition, and also make them good.  The only thing that will make me better at writing is actually doing it.  I am looking into different writing courses online, i just haven’t taken that leap yet.  

      Maybe i am a scaredy cat? I have said the last comment about “taking a leap” into the dating pool for years.  I don’t know what scares me so bad about that, i don’t know if it is the thought of rejection, or the thought of the emotional upheavel of just having some sort of relationship is more terrifying.  For either project i just need to bite the bullet and do it, no progress is ever made without the leap.


    Change is scary, even the potential for change is scary.  I will soon have the chance to apply for a job a a nearby university.  It will kind of be the same thing as what i do now, just not as much, and a couple of different things.  With this job there are pros and cons like everything.  


    1. It would be something different and new.
    2. There is potential that i could get paid a lot more, which means that i could also potentially quite my other job!!!
    3. I already know some of the people that I would be working with.
    4. I would have a private office.
    5. I have friends that live in Rapid so if the weather is bad I could potentially stay with them.


      1. It is Rapid City, which means my commute time one way would go from about 4 min, to about 50 min depending on traffic and weather.
      2. Transportation costs would go up immensly
      3. I would miss some of my co-workers.
      4. I would still have to work with some people here on campus that i would prefer not too.
      5. No guarantee that i would actually like it if i did get the job.  

      This is just a basic list at this point, but i have been thinking about getting a different job for a while.  While i love most of my co-workers, I don’t necessarily feel that i am appreciated by management, or that they even really understand what my day to day job really is.  Plus when i brought up that i was the lowest paid employee in the state that does what i do, i was told that if i worked east river i would get paid more.  That is not a great response when someone is asking for a raise to be at least equal with everyone else.

      Book Binge!

      I don’t know about you, but I can apparently binge read like no ones business when I find either a series, or an author I love.  This happened to me for the last two weeks.  I simply fell in love with the author Lani Lynn Vale and her books! I have read 20 of her books since September 30th!  Apparently I read all the different series backwards but they were all amazing!  But now I am in the stage of “the binge-read” that I can’t remember everything and almost feel the need to re-read them all again (in the correct order this time) so that I can get everything straight. This might have to wait until I finish the rest of my Goodreads Book Challenge, but it will happen.  But I will tell you she will forever-more be on my insta-buy list!

      So in the spirit of Binge Reading i am going to see if i can keep my momentum up and start binge reading another of the authors that I have loved Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I know that i have at least the first 22 of her dark-hunter series, and i think at least 5 of her “the League – Nemesis Rising” books, so i should have plenty of reading material for the foreseeable future, or until I have to read something in a different genre for a while:)

      I have 55 more books to read before the end of the year for my book challenge, and i don’t count ones that i have already read this year or those that i have counted towards previous years challenges, but if i stay going like i have the last two weeks i might be finished by the beginning of November:) My goal is 365 books for the year.

      So what have you binge-read lately, and do you have a reading challenge that you work towards every year?

      Goodreads Book Challenge Update

      So i updated my post from Friday and i have officially completed my book challenge for July.  I of course didn’t list the ones that aren’t part of a series, or that are part of a series but i already had one on the list:) I enjoyed this one a lot more than the one i did for June.  This one just had less rules and guidelines i had to follow so i could pick stuff that i was more in the mood for at that time rather than trying to track down something that matched something specific on a list and then not enjoying it.

      Another thing that helped was apparently i got over my reading slump so i felt like i could actually read something new and enjoy it.  I have a bad tendency to fall into reading slumps where i will start a book, lose interest, then skip to the end to see if is is worth even trying to force myself to finish it.  When this happens i just have to re-read something that i have already read until i get over it.

      What are some of the things that you have to do to get over a reading slump?

      July Book Challenge

      So have another new Book Challenge from my Goodreads group

      Read 10 Different books from 10 different series—these can be either new series to you or books that are in a series that you are already reading. For this challenge, you must give the title of the book, author’s name, name of the series, and what position it occupies in the series. Ex. Witch World by Andre Norton (Witch World, book 1) Just remember to keep to the same format for your entire list.

      1. Honeymoon from Hell Box Set I ( Honeymoon from Hell #1-6) – R.L. Mathewson – 7/4/16

      2. Into the Mist (Falcon Mercenary Group, #1) – Maya Banks – 7/5/16

      3. Matched (Galactic Battle, #1) – L.H. Whitlock – 7/6/16

      4. Ravished by Jaleck (Olodian Alien Warrior #3) – Mychal Daniels – 7/8/16

      5. Forever Pucked (Pucked #4) – Helena Hunting – 7/10/16

      6. Hyde and Seek (Hyde #1) – Layla Frost – 7/13/16

      7. Inevitable Love (Navy Love series #1) – J.C. Santo – 7/14/16

      8. Smith (the Beckett Boys, #1) – Olivia Chase – 7/15/16

      9. Hendrix (Caldwell Brothers #1) – Chelsea Camaron – 7-16-16

      10. Area 51: Pucked Series Deleted Scenes & Outtakes (Pucked #4.1) – Helena Hunting – 7-16-16

      11. Always You (Second Chances #1) – Stephanie Rose – 7-18-16

      I already have a pretty good start on this one:)

      Work, work, work

      I don’t know how many people say this, especially at the start of June, but i am already ready for the summer to be done.  Contrary to popular belief my job at a University does not slow down in the summer time, it actually gets way busier.  All the things that i couldn’t do while students are on campus now have to get done before they get back.  Stuff that only happens in the summer adds to my list of things to do, like summer camp cards, end of fiscal year billing, upgrades, etc… all has to get done in three short months. When you are pretty much a single person office, and/or are the only one who knows how/what to do, that means my short little legs are going all the time.  Add onto the fact that i now have a second job i kind of feel like a hamster on a wheel.

      I just want to explain how my weekend is going so far.  I worked 9 hours at my full time job yesterday, then went immediately to my part – time job and worked an additional 6.75 hours.  I got home at 12:30 (approximately) this morning and then had to take a shower before i could go to bed because my jeans had died my legs blue.  I then had to be up and back to work at my part time job 9-5 today, then back to my full time job to try to do some work outside of normal business hours so that i didn’t inconvenience anyone else by having to have the system down.  So far that is adding up to about an additional 4 hours.  Then back to my part time job for another full 8 hours tomorrow (2-10).  Then on Monday 8 hours at my full time job, and another 5.75 at my part time.  So if anyone is counting, in a 4 day period i will have approximately 49.5 hours of work, plus another 32 hours of regular full time work next week, if i don’t have any overtime.  I just want a nap!  I know i am not the only one who works to jobs and has a lot of hours, but thank you for letting me vent:)


      So i have been enjoying my June Goodreads book challenge.  Finished a couple more books that i got to add to my list!  Now i just have to find ones that fit the rest of the challenge criteria:) The ones that i added were Be My Hero by Linda Kage, and Warrior by B.D. Snowden.

      Be my Hero is about a very abused girl who gets pregnant and is living with her cousin to escape a horrific home life.  There she meets her soul mate Pick.  Pick grew up in foster care with horrible circumstances, when he was 14 he was shown by the local witch that he would have a soul mate, Tinkerbell.  He had pretty much given up hope when he finally met her.  Overall i really enjoyed it!

      Warrior is more of a futuristic “mars needs women” kind of story.  I have read these many times before, but what is nice is that this time the woman was a full on warrior mama! overall a good story that i got for free.

      Last night i had gotten home from hanging out with some friends and just read my book in a totally quiet house.  I forgot how much i like that, usually i have the tv, or music on.  It was very peaceful and relaxing!


      I decided that i need to make a blog post about what i have accomplished in the last two days.  It is a little bit more uplifting than what i still have to do.

      1. I have read the first book for my June book challenge!
      2. Got one of the two telephone bills done that i need to do
      3. Finished one of the Summer Group card batches that i have to do.
      4. Got to hang out with a couple of my friends last night.
      5. Did a load of laundry last night and remembered to take my trash out to the curb this morning.

      This is what i can remember off the top of my head anyways.  Makes me feel a little bit better about the last couple of days.  Now on to my to-do list for today:

      1. finish the other telephone bill
      2. do at least two more summer group card batches
      3. finish gathering my quotes so i can give the info to Cami to put in orders
      4. Blackboard Billing
      5. ePOS billing prep
      6. PsAlli updates
      7. Blog assignments for Women in Leadership Class
      8. Timesheets
      9. Clean Desk

      I think that is enough things to concentrate on in addition to my regular stuff i have to do every day.  I’ll see how much i can get accomplished.

      Joys of Gardening

      Let me just say this, i am not a gardener.  I have no problem keeping stuff alive once it is planted, and if we are just planting something i am usually good to plant stuff for about 30 minutes, then i am done.  But yesterday my mom came down and helped me pick out some new bushes for in front of my house where i had some dead ones that needed to be replaced.  And we got a few veggie plants that i planted in my big barrel planters.  I might get some flowers just to spruce things up, but then i am done with my planting for the year.  I know lots of people find it relaxing, but usually i find it is just one more thing to put on my to-do list.  But maybe this summer i can find a little more joy in it than usual.  Fingers crossed anyways:)