Goodreads Book Challenge Update

So i updated my post from Friday and i have officially completed my book challenge for July.  I of course didn’t list the ones that aren’t part of a series, or that are part of a series but i already had one on the list:) I enjoyed this one a lot more than the one i did for June.  This one just had less rules and guidelines i had to follow so i could pick stuff that i was more in the mood for at that time rather than trying to track down something that matched something specific on a list and then not enjoying it.

Another thing that helped was apparently i got over my reading slump so i felt like i could actually read something new and enjoy it.  I have a bad tendency to fall into reading slumps where i will start a book, lose interest, then skip to the end to see if is is worth even trying to force myself to finish it.  When this happens i just have to re-read something that i have already read until i get over it.

What are some of the things that you have to do to get over a reading slump?


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