Work, work, work

I don’t know how many people say this, especially at the start of June, but i am already ready for the summer to be done.  Contrary to popular belief my job at a University does not slow down in the summer time, it actually gets way busier.  All the things that i couldn’t do while students are on campus now have to get done before they get back.  Stuff that only happens in the summer adds to my list of things to do, like summer camp cards, end of fiscal year billing, upgrades, etc… all has to get done in three short months. When you are pretty much a single person office, and/or are the only one who knows how/what to do, that means my short little legs are going all the time.  Add onto the fact that i now have a second job i kind of feel like a hamster on a wheel.

I just want to explain how my weekend is going so far.  I worked 9 hours at my full time job yesterday, then went immediately to my part – time job and worked an additional 6.75 hours.  I got home at 12:30 (approximately) this morning and then had to take a shower before i could go to bed because my jeans had died my legs blue.  I then had to be up and back to work at my part time job 9-5 today, then back to my full time job to try to do some work outside of normal business hours so that i didn’t inconvenience anyone else by having to have the system down.  So far that is adding up to about an additional 4 hours.  Then back to my part time job for another full 8 hours tomorrow (2-10).  Then on Monday 8 hours at my full time job, and another 5.75 at my part time.  So if anyone is counting, in a 4 day period i will have approximately 49.5 hours of work, plus another 32 hours of regular full time work next week, if i don’t have any overtime.  I just want a nap!  I know i am not the only one who works to jobs and has a lot of hours, but thank you for letting me vent:)


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