So i have been enjoying my June Goodreads book challenge.  Finished a couple more books that i got to add to my list!  Now i just have to find ones that fit the rest of the challenge criteria:) The ones that i added were Be My Hero by Linda Kage, and Warrior by B.D. Snowden.

Be my Hero is about a very abused girl who gets pregnant and is living with her cousin to escape a horrific home life.  There she meets her soul mate Pick.  Pick grew up in foster care with horrible circumstances, when he was 14 he was shown by the local witch that he would have a soul mate, Tinkerbell.  He had pretty much given up hope when he finally met her.  Overall i really enjoyed it!

Warrior is more of a futuristic “mars needs women” kind of story.  I have read these many times before, but what is nice is that this time the woman was a full on warrior mama! overall a good story that i got for free.

Last night i had gotten home from hanging out with some friends and just read my book in a totally quiet house.  I forgot how much i like that, usually i have the tv, or music on.  It was very peaceful and relaxing!


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